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Lalibela: Historic Home of Architectural Wonders

Hotel Maribela is located in the heart of Lalibela mountains. spacious and modern rooms all with breath taking views of the Ethiopian Highlands. Maribela Hotel was built in a very appealing design, inspired by the famous rock churches of Lalibela. The tasteful interior decoration gives every guest the very best in Lalibela hospitality.
Maribela is a special name. It means Lalibela in Amharic. The term literally mean ‘honey eater’ . This name was given to King Lalibela, a saint and the builder of the city and the famous churches. Legend has it that on the day of his birth many bees indicated his future greatness by surrounding him. Whether you are enjoying the stunning sunset, having a serenade in the delightful garden or enjoying the uninterrupted views of the valleys and mountains from your room’s balcony on your daybed, you will find that Maribela Hotel offers you a genuinely restive and regenerating experience.
Lalibela Rock hewn Church's, the Jerusalem of Ethiopia - Asian Air Safari feature of Hotel Maribela  _
We go the extra distance to make sure that the Maribela hotel brand is one step above the competition. Lovely flowers adorn the space in the private balcony. A cozy daybed is made available so you can enjoy the gorgeous views. We offer large soft towels and slippers and a spic and span, well fitted bathroom. Every thing functions great due to our in-house maintenance team. Our front desk 24 hour staff shows that guests come first.
Staff are well trained, the place is clean, the plumbing works - what more could you want? Well: the views are incredible, the food is good..
Our stay at Hotel Maribela was lovely! Newly opened, the rooms were beautifully decorated using local products and crafts with modern charm.

The best of its hotels is the Maribela, modest but charming. Rooms are comfortable, the staff helpful, and the restaurant is excellent – be sure to ask for the local honey at breakfast. But the great draw is the view. The hotel is on an escarpment and every room comes with a balcony overlooking a vast swath of Biblical landscape ...    

Traditional Value – International Standard


We have one goal: to give every guest the very essence of Lalibela hospitality to the highest standard.



The UNESCO World Heritage site of Lalibela is one of the most extraordinary places in the world.



Hotel Maribela staff are ready to help you make the most of your time in Lalibela.